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Merryta shared a drawing with you
Merryta shared a drawing with you
Merryta shared a drawing with you

Chris is a designer and loves cool, simple, geometric, and minimalist design. In his free time, he loves to enjoy whiskey and have parties with friends. My gift for Chris "BAO" is a gift for him to share with his friends to celebrates their friendships.

The box is designed for him to carry whiskey bottles and can be reused for the next bottle. To make it durable, I chose to make the whiskey box out of thick cardboard and the inside is covered with black fabric to protect and secure the bottle. 

I chose to have an illustration of his portrait as the logo, which is specific and unique to himself and his friend. I chose “BAO” as the name because this is his nickname and not a lot of people know which is unique to himself, close friends and families.

Black, White, and Red are the three-color that are used in both the package and label design. Red and black are his favorite colors. The combination of the color is visually striking and gives a cool feeling.


RGB: 237, 31, 36

CMYK: 0%, 87%, 85%, 7%


RGB: 159, 28,33

CMYK: 25%, 100%, 98%, 21%


RGB: 0,0,0

CMYK: 75%, 68%, 67%, 90%

wine 2.JPG
wine label final.jpg

Packaging Design

labelpackagesketches (dragged) 3.png
Merryta shared a drawing with you

Process and Brainstorming

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