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Merryta Liu was born in Taiwan and currently studying MFA Fine Arts at California College of the Arts.

Nature is wordless and full of possibility. Transforming elements from nature such as the sky, plants, and flowers, to small gestures from my daily life into shapes. The abstract paintings and interactive sculptures are both depicting my thoughts during the moment such as excitement, enthusiasm, joy, struggles, and anger. Abstraction makes my mental thinking processes and memories visible. The movements of the patterns, bold colors, and different brush strokes tell stories. Emotions are directing my arms; creating something that is super flat and detailed and something that is giving depth by using different brush strokes and paints. My goal is to bring warmth and positive energy to people. 


Through sketching, painting, cutting, patterning, sewing, stuffing, and embroidering, the world is transformed into abstract forms. 


Similar to paintings, the ball sculptures are another form of representing emotions and my therapeutic process in a playful way. The use of different materials such as paints, beads, yarns, and fabric creates different textures on the surface, and touching them makes me feel relaxed. I want to bring comfort, love, and warmth to the viewer. The sculptures are blown-up versions of the paintings. Using similar forms and patterns to create different possibilities of interaction.

Thinking of possibilities of interaction, and experience, the exploration of functional art is making our daily life more meaningful and elevates our daily life. The experience of sitting on a ceramic chair that is hand built by an artist and is the only one that exists in the world will make your day special. Besides, functional art allows people to experience art and integrate it into their life. Another way to frame it is that art becomes functional when people can experience themselves. Overall creating a body of art that communicates and creates a conversation with each other.


Tel: 415-256-5897 (USA)

Tel: 0928-272-033 (TWN)

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